Aisle Runners for Weddings

The aisle runners for weddings have been used now for centuries. In earlier centuries when there were very few paved roads the guests would walk into the wedding location and leave a track of dirt and mud. It was considered improper for the bride to walk through this dirt and mud with her dress hem dragging behind and getting soiled. Hence they were initially used to prevent the bride’s wedding dress from getting soiled. However as times changed and the dirt brought in by the guests reduced they started being used to make style statements.

In many wedding locations they are now being used to define the aisle. They hence provide a ‘regal’ touch to the most important occasion in a couple’s life. They are available in different varieties. Hence there are aisle runners for weddings available for winters as well as separate ones are available for summers. The winter ones are usually used to protect the wedding gown of the bride while the summer ones are used to define aisles in outdoor and garden weddings.

However despite the many benefits of them there have been quite a few unfortunate incidents where the bride has found herself tripping along with her precious wedding gown due to a poorly fastened one. The poor fastening of those can also reflect in the wedding photographs. Poorly fastened ones can become displaced due to the procession and since the photographer is usually clicking photographs from back of the wedding hall the poorly fastened ones for weddings will definitely show up in the photographs.

In case you are planning to use them you must also be careful to use plywood boards or boards made of any other solid material under them especially if yours is an outdoor wedding. The cloth aisle runners for weddings without such boards underneath will cause the heels of your wedding shoes and the heels of your bridesmaids’ shoes to plunge into the grass or mud.

Choosing the Right Aisle Runners for Weddings:

There are various types of those available in the market today. You can get fabric, plastic and even customized, hand painted ones. Hence according to the setting of your wedding you can choose among a wide variety of those.

Fabric Aisle Runners for Weddings:

The fabric ones are extremely popular for indoor weddings as well as for outdoor weddings. Albeit for the outdoor weddings they must be reinforced with a plywood board or any other board made of sturdy material to prevent the heels of the bride and the bridesmaids sinking into the soft ground.

They are also available in a wide variety. They are available in delicate lace designs as well as delicate silk designs. They are also available in sturdier options like vinyl and polyester. Hence choosing the right ones will ensure a smooth flowing wedding both indoors and outdoors.

The lace and silk design fabric aisle runners for weddings are more suited for indoor weddings where there is hard floor and they can be securely fastened. The vinyl and polyester fabric one is more suited for outdoor use. However the silk one must also be thick to withstand the click of high heels on the hard ground below.

The sturdy aisle runners for weddings are also perfect for indoor weddings especially if the carpeting is not perfect and you would like to hide the imperfections in the carpets. They are typically used to enhance the appearance of the brides and hence must be chosen with care. However they must also be subtle so that it does not distract attention from the bride onto the floor.

Plastic Aisle Runners for Weddings:

Plastic aisle runners for weddings are also quite popular with to be wed couples. They come in different designs and colors. The brightly colored plastic ones are used to liven up and otherwise black and white ceremony. They are quite study and hence can be used both in indoor as well as outdoor weddings. They however are not very friendly to the heels of the brides’ and bridesmaids’ shoes so check before your purchase or rent the plastic aisle runners for weddings so that you do not slip on your important day.

Customized Aisle Runners for Weddings:

There are also customized fabric aisle runners for weddings available which the couple can customize with their names. They thus add a personal touch to the wedding and different look to the wedding itself. You can also have your initials embroidered or embossed on the fabric ones. They can also have hand painted portraits of the couple. You can become extremely creative with the fabric ones hence let your imagination run wild to make your wedding extra special.

Rent or Buy Aisle Runners for Weddings:

After deciding on the type of aisle runners for weddings you want you have to decide whether you wish to purchase or simply hire it. The ones especially the ones made of silk or lace are quite expensive and usually never used again. Hence it is best to hire the expensive fabric aisle runners for weddings. While hiring them always ensure that you get complete information about the costs not just of hiring but also of any damage sustained. Many aisle runners for weddings providers charge extra in case the aisle runner has been dirtied hence clarify such costs upfront before hiring the aisle runners for weddings.

In case you plan to purchase them then you must be willing to make a considerable investment and also depute someone who is responsible with setting up them before the ceremony and also removing them after the ceremony is over. Since the best ones can be quite expensive you definitely do not want your precious aisle runner to fall into someone else’s hands.

While purchase them ensure that you ensure the material of them is 100 percent suited to the setting of your wedding and also compliments your wedding dress. Also ensure that the dimensions of the them are perfect for the location of your wedding. You do not want them to be too large or too small for the location of the wedding.