The Four Hottest Trends in Theme Weddings

So, you’re planning a theme wedding? That’s great. This is a growing trend in 2012, and it can actually help brides organize their ideas. Your guests will surely enjoy whatever theme you choose, but we have some ideas to help you decide. Here are some of the most popular themes we have found in 2012:

1. Victorian Theme Weddings

Victorian theme weddings are taking the nation by storm. From the wedding dress to the flowers, brides are requesting all things Victorian. Perhaps, the nostalgia for this time period has stemmed from the desire to return to a time when good manners, beauty, style and grace took precedence over all other concerns in society.

The Victorian theme wedding starts with the wedding dress. Many brides are opting for vintage dresses or dresses with elaborate detail such as ruffles, lace, pearls or other embellishments. The dresses often feature high necklines, chokers, long sleeves and full body skirts. Since the theme is modesty, even Victorian lace-up booties are featured instead of high heel shoes. A string of pearls with a Victorian broach may also accompany the ensemble.

Victorian-era lifestyles often featured beautiful gardens and flowers. The bridal bouquets and centerpieces should be no different. Perfectly manicured topiaries and beautiful roses are often the focal point of Victorian-theme weddings. Rose colors are often selected by their meaning. A bride may choose red roses for love, white roses for innocence or purity, yellow roses for happiness or friendship, lavender roses for love at first site, orange roses for desire and pink roses for joy and admiration.

A Victorian-style wedding cake would be a fruit cake. Victorians traditionally served a dark fruit cake covered in white icing with numerous embellishments reminiscent of pearls and other elaborate designs. Charms may also adorn the cake for additional grandeur. Victorian-style weddings are easy to plan and appropriate for the entire family.

2. Beach Weddings or Island Weddings

Beach weddings work well for people who want an elaborate affair or for those who want an intimate affair between two people. Destination weddings often require little investment in the décor because Mother Nature has incorporated 50 percent of the décor with its natural beauty. There are some considerations for a beach wedding that must be considered.

Yes, the wedding is outdoors, but you need to plan. Depending upon the state, a permit may be required to host an event on the beach. Weddings on the beach will have to follow the rules and regulations regarding tents, alcohol and noise ordinances. A tent will be almost a necessity when hosting a wedding on the beach. Humidity is high in beach areas, and beaches are more likely to receive an impromptu shower that could put quite a damper on the festivities.

Some beach weddings may occur at dusk or at sunset. Evening weddings may incorporate bon fires, a gourmet s’mores roast and strolls along the beach. Cakes may be designed according to an island theme with seashells, beach chairs and umbrellas. Island food, such as seafood or jerk chicken, may be incorporated into the theme of the wedding. Message-in-a-bottle party favors may also be incorporated.

Simple flowing dresses work best for beach weddings, but some brides have successfully pulled off more elaborate dresses also. Select a dress that best approximates your dream but incorporates the island theme.

3. Vintage Weddings

Vintage weddings are also popular this season. Though vintage indicates something from another era, this does not necessarily mean it has to be a budget wedding. Vintage cars, dresses and wedding receptions can be pricey depending on the venue.

Vintage weddings can incorporate antique furnishings and vintage -style stationary from the prohibition-era. When the theme is centered on vintage, there are countless interpretations for which you can use your creative license.

4. Summer Weddings

Summer theme weddings feature some of the more popular colors of the season. Brides often choose the pale blues, canary yellows and lavenders for summer weddings. These colors are festive and cheerful. Many brides have even worn colored gowns in these colors at summer theme weddings.

Summer weddings often integrate the colors into the reception. Copious fruits, vegetables and light summer cocktails are often incorporated into the reception of summer-themed weddings. Floral bouquets often feature summer flowers such as roses, calla lilies, lilies or Gerber daisies.

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